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a flat fishnet suspended vertically in the water to entangle fish by their gills

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Records of the fishing dispute go as far back as the 1920s when a 52-year-old lady named Eliza Sero had her handmade gill net taken away from her by non-Native fishers in the Bay, who also took the day's catch.
It shows, from personal experience on an offshore fishing vessel, that going fishing for turbot with gill nets is to participate in a marine massacre.
Gill net mesh sizes reported as part of the catch data and gear surveys ranged from 0.
Ita (1978) using experimental gill net data in a bigger lake also observed an inverse relationship between water level and catch rate, explaining the probability of higher concentration of fish at low water levels.
While Martin calls draggers the "worst" technology for the environment, he agrees that gill nets are a significant problem.
Descriptions of shark drift net and set gill net fisheries, and observations in a set gill net fishery.
Canadian law, however, encourages commercial fishing in Canadian waters, including the use of gill nets.
A 60-foot gill net was seized and three similar nets were discovered in a vehicle belonging to one of the men.
On the basis of mesh size gill net is different according to the size of the fishes to be captured.
Stepin also admitted using a 60-metre gill net to trap fish.
Northern pike were collected using four overnight experimental gill net sets in June and July of 2004.
Other gear, such as trawls, have devices to protect wildlife, but technology has lagged for the gill net, Melvin points out.
The second form of the surround net, also called the atulai gill net (Amesbury et al.