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Synonyms for gild

to give a deceptively attractive appearance to

to make superficially more acceptable or appealing

Synonyms for gild

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The end seemed nigh for Gilds as well, but in 1545 the royal commissioners made favourable reports upon them.
In 1547, commissioners reporting to the new king, Edward VI, declared that gilds were religious foundations that had to be broken up and their lands and monies confiscated.
CHESHIRE hotels entrepreneur Mark Boler has acquired catering recruitment company Gilds from its administrator.
Women's participation as citizens can in part by traced through their presence in the gilds.
He argues upon scant evidence that growing disinterest in the cloth gilds evidenced rejection of the gilds' religious practices.
It seems that it was granted but was not acted upon, so a decade later, the bailiffs and the commonalty of the town of Birmingham themselves sought a licence from the Crown to found a Gild and perpetual fraternity "of brethren and sustern" in honour of the Holy Cross.