gilding metal

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a brass that is rich in copper

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So-called cup-and-core (C&C) bullets, the kind made with a relatively thin jacket of gilding metal around a lead core, are not able to withstand more than a certain level of velocity on impact--and I'd shot them into game above their "design parameters.
Tenders are invited for Gilding Metal Strip For Cup Closure Cold Rolled Hard To Specn: Mil-C-21768,04-10-1962.
Those early bullets, made by simply swaging a lead core into a gilding metal jacket cup, suffered heinously.
MPG (Multi-Purpose Green) lead-free bullets are designed for AR rifles and feature a powdered-metal, copper-tin core surrounded by a gilding metal jacket for limited penetration.
200 YEARS AGO: Whereas on Monday night last, the Warehouse belonging to Mr William Blews of Navigation Street, was broke open and a large quantity of rolled, plated, and gilding metal, tile copper and Button Blanks, stolen therein.
Tenders are invited for The Machine Shall Be Capable Of Cutting/Sawing Of Non-Ferrous Metals Like Copper, Gilding Metal, Brass, Leaded Brass, Cupronickel Etc.