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Synonyms for gild

to give a deceptively attractive appearance to

to make superficially more acceptable or appealing

Synonyms for gild

References in classic literature ?
Gilder gravely, "actually says that you were found grasping a knife, insensible, after the murder.
Inspector Gilder had opened his mouth with serious intentions, but before he could speak the grotesque figure on the floor had gone on quite volubly.
As the girl collapsed under her memories, the priest passed stiffly into the next room, where he found Gilder and Merton alone with Patrick Royce, who sat in a chair, handcuffed.
There was a long stillness slowly broken by the metallic noises of Gilder unlocking the handcuffs of Patrick Royce, to whom he said: "I think I should have told the truth, sir.
Last week, the Gilders sold the house for $339,000 with an agreement that the Gilders pay closing costs.
Carol and Lee Gilder, for example, put their retirement money into real estate with the belief that they would sell and have plenty of money for a small retirement house and years of globetrotting.
The Van Gilders attribute the company's success to sound fiscal management, excellent service and offers an environment that attracts and retains top quality employees.
The Gilders charge that although Kepler was a great scientist who laid the foundation of modern astronomy, he was a murderer.
The Gilders acquired the property for $80,000 in September 1988 from Sid Dabbs.
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