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music in three-four time for dancing a jig


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La Gigue, danse de pas, Quebec, Editions GID, 2003, 133 p.
Sub-elements and common terms and instructional terminology may include: measure, phrase, arch, symmetric, passage, cycle, section, repeats, movement, multimovement, suite, schema, binary, rounded binary, ternary, rondo, sonata, sonata-rondo, concerto, concerto grosso, ritornello, symphony, introduction, exposition, development, recapitulation, coda, codetta, theme and variations, fugue, canon, round, Da capo, Dal segno, bridge, transition, extension, strophic, verse/chorus, refrain, strain, aria, gigue, tarantella, serenade, motet, cantata, madrigal, oratorio, opera, operetta, cadenza, recitative, march, trio, blues, macro/micro forms, hybrid, vamping, imitative, through composed.
Streets I" from Romance sans paroles takes its title here from the first line--"Dansons la gigue.
Andante with Anneli Binder and Pierre Tappon has a more melancholic, trouble theme, the calm, reflective phase before the final gorgeous Gigue with Andres de Blust Mommaerts and Charlotte Eatock joining with Riddick.
As always, Reisner brought a dazzling fluency to her playing, taking the opening Preludio at a sizzling pace only to yield to meltingly conveyed dynamics in the second piece, Loure, energetic bounce in the Gavote, good belting in the Bouree, and sinewy delight in the final Gigue.
In this performance, Petrenko led a spirited gigue and a sedate, verging on sensuous, minuet.
Each chapter is divided in the same way as the dance movements of Bach's suites: prelude, allemande, courante, sarabande, minuet, and gigue.
The gigue concluded a bravura performance of flawless intonation and articulation.
One Saturday he made two major debuts: as the spunky Faun in the Fall section of Robbins' The Four Seasons and that evening as the refined Gigue in Balanchine's Mozartiana.
Would Johann Pachelbel be happy to have his Canon & Gigue advertising woolly jumpers or Irish butter, or would Delibes be happy for his Dome Epais (Flower Duet) to be associated with British Airways?
Guests from Sweden and Brittany join the Queen's own youth folk ensembles Gigue Fish and Toble for an evening of entertainment.
Initially published as a gigue for solo piano by Oliver Ditson of Boston, the piece became best known as a regimental march performed by the Band of the Royal Newfoundland Companies and a variety of other military and civilian ensembles active in Newfoundland at the time.
The final movement was a bit mushy with insufficient attack, but the orchestral effect Ma achieved in bringing out the drone was admirable, lending this German Gigue an Irish lilt.
An unidentified reviewer praised her as an "excellent interpreter" of Bach and lauded in particular her "very beautiful performance" of the Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue on the piano and her "extraordinarily colorful" rendition of the gigue from the Partita No.
Desde luego que el violin se levanta delante de la flauta de pico como instrumento emblematico, tan asi que se escucha atras de numerosas obras que contiene el CD de marras, cuyo indice comprende, salvo la Sonata en la menor para flauta sola de Karl Phillip Emanuel Bach --hijo del gigante--, exclusivamente musica de Johann Sebastian: Preludio de la Partita III para violin solo BWV 1006; Partita en la menor para flauta sola BWV 1013; Allegro de la Sonata II para violin solo BWV 1003; Gigue y Chaconne de la Partita II para violin solo BWV 1004; Adagio y Presto de la Sonata I para violin solo BWV 1001; Fuga y Allegro assai de la Sonata Ill para violin solo BWV 1005.