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Synonyms for giggle

Synonyms for giggle

to laugh in a stifled way

a stifled laugh

Synonyms for giggle

a foolish or nervous laugh

Related Words

laugh nervously

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Gigglingly exultant in the belief that Lussorioso had been executed, the brothers eagerly received the Officer who carried Junior's severed head in a translucent plastic box.
How disappointing then when she gigglingly admitted that she'd ordered the guys to help nature along with a good deal of toilet paper padding
My parents would regularly ignore stuffy library etiquette to let my brother and I gigglingly race each other up the steps to the top to see it and Henry Moore's Falling Warrior.
One of her earliest memories, as the youngest, adored child of an affluent and cultured Armenian family living in Lebanon, is of dancing gigglingly, gleefully around what she remembers as a "huge table in the big salon, while my sister played Mozart and Brahms on the piano and I waltzed round and round and round-exposed, without realizing it, to classical music.
She was absolutely furious with me and I think she thought that all her friends were laughing about her parents having it off, as they all gigglingly called the process".
In a video celebrating Tumkovsky's fiftieth anniversary at SAB, one of her students gigglingly confided to the camera that sometimes she asked "Tumey," as her students affectionately call her, to explain a movement just to give the class a breather; she once even fell down on purpose, to slow things up a bit that day.
At an audition for Oedipus Rex, he gigglingly informed the director that there was a Bad Word in my piece and kept him apprised of its imminence, until both of them fell around laughing when I finally said "shit.