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Synonyms for giggle

Synonyms for giggle

to laugh in a stifled way

a stifled laugh

Synonyms for giggle

a foolish or nervous laugh

Related Words

laugh nervously

References in classic literature ?
Those three graceless girls read the sentimental rhyme and giggled over it.
Not one of them had been reproved; they had chattered and giggled and drawn caricatures on the margin of the paper, as freely as if the master had left the room.
If Polly had cried a little just here, he would have yielded; unfortunately she giggled, for Tom's fierce attitude was such a funny contrast to his dress that she could n't help it.
She giggled as Harry, 33, feigned shock and pulled his carton away - but the royal then shared it.
Stunning Kate, 42, wearing an elegant white jumpsuit, and bearded David, 44, cuddled and giggled and shared funny phone messages.
We giggled as we cut work late on a Friday afternoon-left our desks, keyboards, and endless lists of "to-dos"--for a one-hour outing for no other reason than to have a little fun and be silly
When Mother sat on Daddy's hat She giggled till she cried.
Kung Fu Panda is a great film for kids - mine giggled virtually from start to finish as poor fat panda Po learns to be a martial arts expert.
Best actress winner Jennifer Tilly wore a low-cut dress and giggled boisterously when she picked up her award for ``Relative Evil,'' adding, ``I hope this award will lead to many more straight-to-DVD movies for me