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Synonyms for giggle

Synonyms for giggle

to laugh in a stifled way

a stifled laugh

Synonyms for giggle

a foolish or nervous laugh

Related Words

laugh nervously

References in classic literature ?
And not one of you must laugh or giggle, or even think 'laugh' or 'giggle.
Miss Sharp loved the smell of a cigar out of doors beyond everything in the world--and she just tasted one too, in the prettiest way possible, and gave a little puff, and a little scream, and a little giggle, and restored the delicacy to the Captain, who twirled his moustache, and straightway puffed it into a blaze that glowed quite red in the dark plantation, and swore--"Jove--aw--Gad--aw--it's the finest segaw I ever smoked in the world aw," for his intellect and conversation were alike brilliant and becoming to a heavy young dragoon.
I must be going home," said Varenka, getting up, and again she went off into a giggle.
After several minutes of quiet, he began to giggle.
Lowten, with a distant giggle, replied in the affirmative.
My daughter's your wife, Mr Quilp, certainly,' said the old lady with a giggle, meant for satirical and to imply that he needed to be reminded of the fact; 'your wedded wife.
Responsible inquiries having assured us that it was but one of those 'airy nothings' pointed at by the Poet (whose name and date of birth Miss Giggles will supply within half an hour), we would now discard the subject, and concentrate our minds upon the grateful labours of the day.
But the subject so survived all day, nevertheless, that Miss Ferdinand got into new trouble by surreptitiously clapping on a paper moustache at dinner-time, and going through the motions of aiming a water-bottle at Miss Giggles, who drew a table-spoon in defence.
That means hit and giggle it off, because it was going to take some bad bounces.
The quiz is programmed by the comedy website Giggle Beats and combines stand-up with the traditional pub quiz format.
To book a place, call Sue Harding at Giggle Activities on 029 2061 7666 or e-mail enquiries@giggleactivities.
As we smile and giggle and enjoy ourselves we'll also think of those young lives lost and those who have lost their innocence for ever as a result of mindless violence.
Drink Wine and Giggle (101 ways girlfriends can connect, have fun and be inspired) combines friendship and personal growth in a collection of easy-to-follow activities that have been tested and proven to turn girlfriend get-togethers into life-shifting experiences.
London, August 5 (ANI): A British girl aged 7 is leaving her family members in stitches with her continuous giggles, which cropped up after she underwent brain surgery to remove a tumour.
What better way to celebrate this special day than to seek the images of "The Heart and The Eagle" (and the chicken) and giggle and giggle