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wrap (a gift) attractively

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Derek Bell-Jones has raised the quality of the gift-wrap market in the UK through his Chester-based company, Deva Designs
The gift-wrap and stationery company is registered in Hertfordshire, but around half of its workforce is based in Wales.
Dutch company Hoomark Gift-Wrap Partners BV produces gift wrap for the European market from a production facility in northern Holland.
For gift-wrap hearts: light-weight bristol board and wrapping paper or fabric.
For each gift-wrap box, glue a circle of gift-wrap to a circle of bristol board, then mark your cut-and-fold pattern on the bristol board side.
We are already a formidable presence in greeting cards in the UK, and now, we hope to enhance our selling proposition by offering high quality gift-wrap.
John Charlton, a senior vice president of the Company and the head of the international business unit said, "The prospect of coupling our retail distribution capabilities with a premier gift-wrap product line should help us profitably grow our European business.
Car bows by King Size Bows are used by major automobile manufacturers and dealers nationwide to gift-wrap cars.
SPREAD OUT: Set up all your gift-wrap paper next to the table and lay out all your necessary supplies on the table.
American Greetings Corporation today announced the acquisition of a European manufacturer of high quality gift-wrap products.
Dispose of all unnecessary toy packaging and gift-wrap as soon as possible.
We had previously purchased ad space in Rolling Stone Magazine to promote our crazy, holiday gift-wrap.
The ad has become much more than just a way to let people know we have 12 different gift-wrap designs available.
Each sheet measures 21" x 25" and is sold only as a gift-wrap for M&H merchandise.
Shoppers looking for fun or unusual gift ideas can stop in The Wrapper, which offers distinctive items such as holiday gift baskets, shimmering ornaments and unique mantel stockings as well as a variety of rich, colorful and elegant gift-wraps.