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attractive wrapping paper suitable for wrapping gifts

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In the early 1990s, the UK gift wrap market was pretty staid and was dominated by the major greetings cards suppliers.
Delworth advises retailers not to assign staff to gift wrap and run the cash register simultaneously.
Taking the time to gift wrap products and representing your brand leaves an impression on customers," she continues.
Key steps to a perfect gift wrap Gabriela Delworth advises retailers how to wrap their products in a quality way.
Once consumers have selected a gift wrap pattern, they may add a personal photo on the paper.
After the image is positioned according to user preference, the gift wrap is previewed and ordering begins.
Mr Maddock said: "We asked him to come on to the stand, and once he saw how we could transform his designs onto gift wrap and gift bags, he was only too pleased to work with us.
He is totally hands-on, from creating original designs and patterns in his sketch book, to watching his designs develop into beautiful and sophisticated gift wrap and bags.