gift tax

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a tax imposed on transfers of property by gift during the lifetime of the giver

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The effect of the sunset would be that the lifetime exclusion for gift tax purposes would revert to the 2002 level of $1 million, and the top tax rate would become 55%.
Life insurance can help replace your estate and gift tax liabilities.
8, 2000, Morgens gifted her income interest from one of the trusts to the remainder interest beneficiaries, resulting in a deemed transfer with a gift tax liability of $2,287,309, which, due to a prior agreement, was paid by the trustees of that trust.
Therefore, the $240,000 of income the trust will earn ($400,000 x 60%), will be reported on your tax return costing you approximately $100,000 in income taxes, further reducing your estate with no gift tax implications.
Prior to SOI's gift tax study, few data, besides broad totals from IRS revenue processing and collections, have been available for the gift tax filing population.
Both transfers would be subject to gift tax based on the value of the interest transferred.
Evelyn Capassakis, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers and head of the firm's trusts and estates group in New York, notes that if you have a sufficient number of heirs and a sufficient number of years to dispose of the property, you can keep each annual gift below $10,000 and avoid paying any gift tax on the transfers.
While the first $625,000 would be exempt because of a lifetime gift tax credit, the fan as a result would lose the right to use that credit as part of his future estate settlement.
All the IRS data comes from gift tax returns (Form 709), which taxpayers generally must file if they've given any individual more than the yearly gift tax exemption ($11,000 in 2005).
The Tax Court held that the amounts of gift tax paid by the recipients of a QTIP remainder are includible in the transferor's gross estate under Sec.
First, the present value of the stream of payments made over the term of the trust will be a gift subject to normal gift tax rules if the beneficiary is other than the donor or the donor's spouse.
For estate and gift tax purposes, residence is based on domicile.
Federal gift tax returns are filed for transfers, or gifts, of property that are completed during a donor's life.
Once the gift value is determined - using a quantitative valuation model to value publicly traded stock options - discounts can be taken from this fair market value number, relying on the principles of illiquidity and lack of marketability, to further reduce the gift tax value.
The above method is a technique to pay large insurance premiums with no gift tax consequence.