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repetitive nonmeaningful speech (especially that associated with a trance state or religious fervor)

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21) The essentially textual nature of this vision is further elaborated by Foxe's well-known presentation of the advent of printing as a new Pentecost: "By this printing, as by the gift of tongues, and as by the singular organ of the Holy Ghost, the doctrine of the gospel soundeth to all nations and countries under heaven.
The descriptions of demonic possession which Oldridge provides where everything from the gift of tongues visited upon an illiterate Nottingham apprentice, to an infestation of imps (generally as black as soot, of course) provides a daunting social picture projected well through Oldridge's writings.
urged the gathering, adding, "The Pentecost we need today" is not so much the gift of tongues but "the gift of ears.
Today's well-known passage on the body of Christ was triggered when some in the Corinthian community began to abuse the gifts the Spirit had given them, especially the gift of tongues.
He lifts up the late nineteenth-century Anglo-American "faith missions" that crossed confessional boundaries and nurtured expectations for a worldwide revival and the teachings of Charles Fox Parham regarding the missionary purpose of the gift of tongues as two important streams.
In her lead essay Edith Blumhofer tells how--in the wake of Azusa Street and similar, concurrent revivals one hundred years ago--early American Pentecostals were convinced that the gift of tongues was God's way of enabling them to preach the Gospel in the mother tongues of peoples all over the world, without the time-consuming labor of actually learning another language.
I had been told I might receive the gift of tongues, but I did not and I was glad.
And he begins this chapter by pointing out how the gift of tongues is actually dividing the community instead of being a Spirit-given help to benefit all its members.
Joseph Smale, "The Gift of Tongues," Living Truth, January 1907, p.
He specifically referred to the notion that gospel preaching should be "attended by some remarkable signs corresponding to the tongues of fire upon the heads of the disciples, and accompanied with some unusual power of utterance like the gift of tongues.
With their emphasis on the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and especially the gift of tongues well beyond the apostolic age, they represent another example of creative Protestant reinterpretation of the Bible.
Combined with contributing editor Gary McGee's intriguing article on missionaries and the gift of tongues, along with a number of book reviews dealing with Africa, the editors believe that this issue of the BULLETIN will fascinate the general reader and serve researchers of African Christianity for years to come.
Lawrence, writing in 1895 after a twenty-month tour of the missions, "Some have been disposed to pray for the gift of tongues.