gift horse

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a gift (usually of inferior quality) that should be accepted uncritically

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This is not a question for the readers who, I am sure, are better informed on many matters than me, including gift horses.
The Gift Horse project offers one-to-one support over a number of weeks tailored to individual needs.
Never look a gift horse in the mouth means never be ungrateful when given a gift.
But Warren offered us Mike and we were not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.
TOTESPORT: 8-1 Indian Trail, Knot In Wood, 10-1 Utmost Respect, 12-1 Borderlescott, Fullandby, King's Apostle, 14-1 Pearly Wey, 16-1 Beaver Patrol, Blue Echo, Empirical Power, Fonthill Road, Genki, Gift Horse, Obe Brave, Sundae, 20-1 bar.
A TALK about looking a gift horse in the mouth, Francie
Even though it took some arm-twisting to get Governor Lynch to appear publicly with her, Democratic Senate District 6 candidate Jackie Cilley was handed a gift horse in the almost invisible campaign of former Somersworth Mayor Jim McLin.
IF you look a gift horse in the mouth at the Emmy Awards tonight, you might just find an IRS agent lurking behind a tonsil.
The former champion came with a devastating late run on Gift Horse to get up in the shadow of the post and pip Fonthill Road by a neck in the Goodwood cavalry charge.
This attention is salutary, but at the risk of looking a gift horse in the mouth, Le Va deserves to be understood on his own terms, not, as one critic had it, for laying the groundwork for Maurizio Cattelan and Urs Fischer.
Samuel makes a special trip to seek out the giant, Garr, after having learned his lesson of looking a gift horse in the mouth, and hopes his life goes back to normal, when people didn't even know his name.
The popular opinion in favor of civil unions that Rosen cited while stating her case for not "looking a gift horse in the mouth" should have no bearing on our quest to secure the equal fights that are being unjustly withheld.
I looked the gift horse in the mouth and said, 'I'll take it,'" says Assistant Managing Editor for Projects John Voskuhl.
In keeping with a reviewer's standard obligation to look any gift horse in the mouth, one might suggest a few ways to make the third installment in this series even more helpful than the first two.
While some utilities are looking at this as a gift horse, Clark observed the idea of running systems continuously is the polar opposite to everything the government and most utilities are trying to accomplish in promoting energy