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scrubby Australian acacia having extremely foul-smelling blossoms

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Asmin mimicked Arranye, smearing the icing up a bough of gidgee bark.
Both are Australian skinks: the gidgee skink and the sleepy lizard, the latter a close relative of the blue-tongued lizard.
Poplar box, gidgee, brigalow, melaleuca and other woodland ecosystems are fast disappearing, taking with them mahogany gliders, squatter pigeons, bilby snakes, regent honeyeaters and many other dependent species.
A few months ago I was out there, not on the Finke River, not on the western edge of the Simpson Desert where this book's action takes place, but on the desert's northeastern edges after a brilliant season, among red dunes, flowering grevillea and swales of georgina gidgee and spinifex.
Bradford is a seasoned manager with 20 years experience in the mining industry, including senior operational roles at the Gidgee and Plutonic mines in Western Australia, Iduapriem mine in Ghana and the Siguiri project in Guinea.