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Synonyms for giddy

Synonyms for giddy

having a sensation of whirling or falling

producing dizziness or vertigo

Synonyms for giddy

having or causing a whirling sensation

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But it is not good to look too long upon these turning wheels of vicissitude, lest we become giddy.
You gaze and stare and try to understand that it is real, that it is on the earth, that it is not the Garden of Eden--but your brain grows giddy, stupefied by the world of beauty around you, and you half believe you are the dupe of an exquisite dream.
I saw she was giddy and vain--and now,' he added, after a pause, 'I can well believe she was artful too; but so excessively so as to assume an aspect of extreme simplicity and unguarded openness.
Then Aunt Jamesina wondered why those giddy girls all laughed.
Polly walked beside Dorothy a while, holding her new friend's hand as if she feared to let it go; but her nature seemed as light and buoyant as her fleecy robes, for suddenly she darted ahead and whirled round in a giddy dance.
At a distance of a quarter-mile before him, but apparently at a stone's throw, rose from its fringe of pines the gigantic face of rock, towering to so great a height above him that it made him giddy to look up to where its edge cut a sharp, rugged line against the sky.
You'll make me giddy soon, if you go on turning round like that.
He was indeed a thoughtless, giddy youth, with little sobriety in his manners, and less in his countenance; and would often very impudently and indecently laugh at his companion for his serious behaviour.
Thus do I speak unto you in parable, ye who make the soul giddy, ye preachers of EQUALITY
Kitty, flushed, took her train from Krivin's knees, and, a little giddy, looked round, seeking Anna.
These were the last words spoken by the whelp, before a giddy drowsiness came upon him, followed by complete oblivion.
Mrs Flintwinch muttered some ejaculation to this effect, and turned giddy.
you'll make yourself giddy, an' tumble down i' the dirt," said Luke, the head miller, a tall, broad-shouldered man of forty, black-eyed and black-haired, subdued by a general mealiness, like an auricula.
Maggie paused in her whirling and said, staggering a little, "Oh no, it doesn't make me giddy, Luke; may I go into the mill with you?
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