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Synonyms for giddily

in a giddy light-headed manner

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And no better demonstration of this could be found than on the club's official Twitter feed, that giddily declared,"Welcome to #CCFC Joe Cole, yes actual Joe Cole.
Beautiful people fall giddily in love in lustrous close-up, fate throws them a curve ball, separation seems inevitable, but they decide to risk everything for that one precious shot at forever, usually with the spectre of death hovering ominously over at least one of the characters.
All while the audience seem to be making use of the set's bar, and giddily lapped it up.
But, just when the judgemental pack was getting giddily into its stride, it was brought to an abrupt halt by Sammy's self-aware assessment of her obsession.
Director Diana Leblanc gave her Butterfly an ethereal, dream-state quality, but rather than emotional tsunamis to buoy Puccini's restrained but still ravishing score, the characters were somnambulists, plodding rather than giddily fluttering between cherry blossoms of naive love.
I've been admiring him for a very long time,'' Hallstrom said of Spielberg, giddily noting the two are about the same age (Hallstrom is 68, Spielberg is 67).
This Oldboy is even more giddily violent than its predecessor.
USA Today echoes, saying Pharrell "cranks out tunes that are as giddily accessible as they are texturally sophisticated.
Liberal attack group American Bridge on Wednesday morning giddily said it was releasing a new website on Wisconsin's not-so-secret John Doe probes, ahead of the court-ordered release of thousands of personal emails of a convicted former aide to Wisconsin Gov.
Iranians are giddily pumping their savings into the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE),
He giddily sags hi to me in the hall, and he'll hug me at the most random moments.
Married to Ann, who he giddily eyed up while both were teaching in Tullamore Vocational school, they celebrated their wedding on a saturday but, being the weekend before Galway, any prospect of a honeymoon had to wait a week as the happy couple headed west for the races.
Yes it's safe to say that similar to how adults can't seem to resist giddily inviting the whole street over for a barbecue at the first sign of spring, and how the gardener of the household can't help but reach for the garden shears on May Day, outdoor toys compel children to go outside.
Colin, the youngest, had the somber crowd smiling by giddily running through the East Room before the president or Romesha entered, according to (http://www.
Truly, it is his most giddily entertaining film since Pulp Fiction hit our big screens in 1994.