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a unit of information equal to 1024 mebibytes or 2^30 (1,073,741,824) bytes

a castrated tomcat

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The best way to test the lower gibs is to watch the axis load while commanding a rapid move.
They are using an NGA product called Geospatial Intelligence for Operations Support and the Battlefield, or GIB, a handful of DVDs containing an array of imagery and geospatial products.
He further argues the need for GIBs to solve, using asports metaphor, their past "steroid"-driven contradictions (questionable business models allowed by the go-go days of the past), and to design new businesses and operating models for the future.
Gibs continued, "Notably, the Associated Press also stands out, as a more traditional outlet innovating to keep pace with technology.
In addition, all machine types have unique procedures when it comes to adjusting gibs.
A lump sum is invested into the Gib, which pays a guaranteed level of income for a set term.
Knives lock in position with wedge type gibs for safety.
GIBS has also boosted its executive education offering.
It was not a particularly complicated mold, but still required regular periodic maintenance and some attention to the tapered rails and gibs during production.
Although we are not seeing the explosive month-over-month growth we once were, the market for broadband Internet connection has not yet reached saturation," said Jon Gibs, senior director of media, Nielsen//NetRatings.
All the machine's ways will be remachined to original specifications and new gibs, bearings, and bushings will be properly fitted.
Colin Jackson at Baronworth Investment says: ``Nobody should invest in GIBs if they might need their money back early.
The feed must be uniform and if the machine does not have a backlash eliminator drive, the table gibs should be tightened to prevent the workpiece from being pulled into the cutter.
His qualifications include a BSc Economics from the Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique, Diploma in consulting to small Business from the University of the Witwatersrand, and certificates in Strategic Management, Managing Markets from Henley, Micro-economics from London School of Economics and Mastering Finance from GIBS.
African Business: Does GIBS believe that South Africa is a unique place of business and requires turning out graduates that have been schooled in a uniquely South African way?