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edible viscera of a fowl

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Empty the giblets into 3/4 pint water and bring to the boil.
Accompany goose with giblet gravy and salt and pepper to taste.
Boil, uncovered, stirring often as liquid evaporates; cook until giblets and vegetables are browned and browned bits stick to pan, about 20 minutes.
The meal was rounded out with a wilt-resistant salad--Belgian endive with tangelos and cranberry dressing; chilled sugar snap peas with mint and bacon dressing, and garlic mashed potatoes; red pepper relish to go with the turkey; brown giblet gravy; and polenta, Swiss chard, and sausage dressing.
A spokesman for KFC said that it was a giblet and not a brain which had failed to be removed, and apologised for the incident.
GIBLET PIE WE spoke about canteen meals now long passed That traditional feast of workers repast.
Then mix or whisk the giblet stock a bit at a time into the tin.
One of the first machines to be installed was supplied to Kerry Foods Specialist Poultry Division at Redgrave for the sealing of giblet bags.
For the Luby's customer that prefers the ease of enjoying Thanksgiving with neither the preparation nor the cleanup, all Luby's restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Day and feature a special Thanksgiving dinner of sliced turkey or ham, corn bread dressing, giblet gravy, two sides, and a fresh roll for only $7.
Make the giblet gravy the day before and keep covered in the fridge
Make this Christmas Eve Gravy Make the giblet gravy the day before and keep covered in the fridge turkey.
Then mix or whisk the giblet stock a bit at a time into the tin until you have a smooth gravy of the thickness you like.
By considering the microbial hazards identified in this document, it is envisaged that operators of plants will be able to achieve the twofold aims of minimizing the microbial contamination of giblets and minimizing the proportion of giblet packs that leak.
This recipe is for Giblet Soup, which comes from an old recipe book belonging to June Longmire of Linthorpe.
And so, every first week of January, at health clubs around the nation, a wave of bright-eyed neophytes bursts through the locker-room doors, determined to sweat away years of general lassitude - and a month and a half of giblet gravy, gingerbread and spiral-sliced ham.