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Synonyms for gibbous

characteristic of or suffering from kyphosis, an abnormality of the vertebral column

(used of the moon) more than half full


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The Moon, a waning gibbous, again interferes rising at 21:30 on the night of Dec 22 although in angular terms it is some way from the radiant.
0B x16, very prominent, stands out from the star background but clearly fainter than NGC 104 (47 Tuc), quite condensed, suddenly bright towards the centre, DC=6, hint of tail visible but difficult in light of bright gibbous moon [COO02].
A gibbous moon silhouetted the dead apple tree in the middle of the backyard.
The 2013 Moon Phase Schedule has also been improved by adding pre- and post-phase information such as what a waxing gibbous moon is or where to find the moon in the night sky.
At the junction of Thornaby Road and Bader Avenue the Spitfire sits on the roundabout under a bright waxing gibbous moon.
Arjen Robben had a total nightmare and resembled a gibbous child trying to play football in his bare feet on a beach of sharp shale, and the formidable Ribery was little more than a witness.
Subsequent trips to the North East have seen Barry Glibb, Robin Gibbens, Andy Gibbous Waning and their colleagues open up for the Wildhearts and Electric Six and Friday sees the quintet return as a headline act in their own right.
38): Strongly convex and somewhat gibbous (higher than head), posterior margin deeply impressed, submedially concave, medially convex and produced, the medial extension bearing a strong and high, twice forked pronotal process (Figs.
CLUTTERBUCK, Catriona, 'A Gibbous Voice: The poetics of subjectivity in the early poetry of Medbh McGuckian', in Murphy, Shane, & Kirkland, Richard, eds.
Above the track, crushed cans and thickets of weeds,/Pale imperfect growth framed by involuntary loss-/A gibbous moon among the half-bare trees.
Explore Jupiter during the Ecotarium Skywatch program Jupiter and the Waxing Gibbous Moon.
But as the Bay Area restaurant scene, sputtering along on the fumes of Chez Panisse's glory days, shudders through its mannerist phase, nourishing its populace on beet boudin noir, bicycle-delivered coppa from a woolly pig named Al (he was a Virgo), and pizzas topped with nettles gathered by Carthusian monks under a waxing gibbous moon, Los Angeles cooking roars through its own glory days; the vitality of its great agricultural region expressed through the great multicultural mosaic.
Ben points out not only that the moon is rising over a ridge, but that it is waxing gibbous towards full.
SEE He's hooked his camera up to an eight-inch Skywatcher to produce the main image on this page of the waxing gibbous moon.
In the three paintings Washing Machine, Gibbous, and Borga, all 2010, the action is a little more contained, though all the works revolve around a gently expanded notion of the medium.