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Synonyms for gibbous

characteristic of or suffering from kyphosis, an abnormality of the vertebral column

(used of the moon) more than half full


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Liverpool Pyramid Ricky and Pamela at the Strictly Come Dancing show, at the Echo Arena Picture: JULIEREYNOLDS 1956 A yacht gets a new coat of paint Picture: THEWOLFE The full moon caught with a bridge camera Picture: SOODOODLE The waxing gibbous moon, as captured by a Nikon D5000 through an eight-inch reflector telescope
Stack them by putting the new moon on the bottom, the crescent moon on top, then the half moon, gibbous moon, and full moon.
The waning gibbous moon will be out in full force during the shower's peak, but skywatchers in dark areas of the Northern Hemisphere during the wee hours of Thursday morning might still get a decent show.
The large gibbous phase is therefore often under-observed, yet records of this phase are those most easily able to define the shape and extent of the characteristic, large Y- and psi-shaped dark markings which can almost always be seen in the ultraviolet and glimpsed--in part at least--in white light.
THE SAME WANING gibbous Moon that interferes with the Quadrantid meteor shower offers a spectacle the very next night.
However, there are possibilities that the bright moon, also called as waning gibbous moon, will wash out some Lyrid meteors this year.
MARCH 19-20 The waning gibbous Moon shines with Spica and bright Mars late tonight.
The Texas State researchers then calculated that a bright, gibbous Moon would have cleared the hillside to shine into Shelley's bedroom window just before 2 a.
FAR NORTHWEST North America will see the gibbous Moon, its face 80% sunlit, occult Aldebaran on Saturday, January 27th.
30am on 13/14 December, but notes that the moon is in the Waxing Gibbous phase, which may interfere with viewing.
My first feeling was one of complete joy and disbelief - a perfect, beautiful, gibbous Mercury filled the screen, showing an incredible level of detail," wrote Prockter.
8-9) NIGHT: A waning gibbous Moon trails Regulus in Leo by about 5[degrees] low in the east for viewers in North America.
The moon will probably spoil much of the event this time around, because it's in gibbous phase and will illuminate 85 percent of the night sky, Space.