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Synonyms for GiB

a unit of information equal to 1024 mebibytes or 2^30 (1,073,741,824) bytes

a castrated tomcat

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Mr Gibbings, 37, and Mr Connop, 31, were pronounced dead on arrival at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport.
Mr Gibbings, 37,and Mr Connop, 31, both of Pontnewydd, were pronounced dead on arrival at the Royal Gwent Hospital,Newport,after the incident.
Since most automatic tool changers can be found on single spindle CNC machining centers," Gibbings says, "most of our quick-change tooling concepts are designed around multi-spindle drilling, tapping, and reaming stations used on transfer lines, dial machines, or special purpose machines of many kinds.
James Burton Robinson (London: Gibbings, 1906; German original 1832) 258.
Martin Gibbings, Head of Revenue Management at Monarch Airlines, said, "Monarch's Airlines' direct seat only business has grown steadily over the past few years and is continuing to grow.
TALKING of non-human-powered bikes, another recently-established company set up in January by Harry Gibbings, Oakley's former European marketing director, is in the throes of manufacturing around 50 prototypes of its Typhoon bike for the likes of Prince Albert of Monaco, together with other Monaco residents including Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard.
John Gibbings has bought one of the properties already.
It was purchased about a week ago in Daniel Gibbings jewellery boutique by John Mayer.
CHRIS GIBBINGS Scenes From Early Life, by Philip Hensher, Fourth Estate, pounds 18.
He has been sent to Symonds by Sir Peter and Lady Gibbings to help get the rookie off the starting blocks.
Fort Dunlop was originally designed in the 1920s by Sidney Scott and WW Gibbings as a car tyre warehouse.
7/10 Chris Gibbings COURTIERS - THE SECRET HISTORY OF KENSINGTON PALACE by Lucy Worsley is published in hardback by Faber and Faber, priced pounds 20.
John Gibbings, 37, and Martin Connop, 31, were dead on arrival at Newport's Royal Gwent Hospital after the incident on April 14 at Five Locks road in Cwmbran.
The three - William Gibbings, 37, Martin Connop, 31, and Emma Proctor, 25 - were walking on the pavement in Five Locks Road, Pontnewydd, on Wednesday, April 14, when they were hit.
John Gibbings, 37, and Martin Connop, 31, both of Pontnewydd, died at the scene of the collision in Five Locks Road in Pontnewydd on Wednesday.