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Synonyms for gibbet

to execute by suspending by the neck

Synonyms for gibbet

alternative terms for gallows

hang on an execution instrument

Related Words

expose to ridicule or public scorn


References in classic literature ?
He himself slept peacefully and snored aloud, yet my heart was sore for him, wicked as he was, to think on the dark perils that environed and the shameful gibbet that awaited him.
Then he placed the gibbet in the middle of the room, bursting with laughter.
La Ramee uttered a cry of horror and rushed toward the gibbet, which he broke at once and threw the pieces out of the window.
And after having mangled, and torn, and completely stripped the two brothers, the mob dragged their naked and bloody bodies to an extemporised gibbet, where amateur executioners hung them up by the feet.
We cannot take upon ourselves to say whether, through the almost imperceptible chink of the shutter, the young man witnessed the conclusion of this shocking scene; but at the very moment when they were hanging the two martyrs on the gibbet he passed through the terrible mob, which was too much absorbed in the task, so grateful to its taste, to take any notice of him, and thus he reached unobserved the Tol-Hek, which was still closed.
Coarse slander, fire, tar and feathers and the gibbet, the youth may freely bring home to his mind and with what sweetness of temper he can, and inquire how fast he can fix his sense of duty, braving such penalties, whenever it may please the next newspaper and a sufficient number of his neighbors to pronounce his opinions incendiary.
I will make a present of one of these gibbets to each of you, and observe well, M.
As for you -- I cannot suppose you will be silly enough to denounce yourselves, for then the king, to spare himself the expense of feeding and lodging you, will send you off to Scotland, where the seven hundred and forty-one gibbets are to be found.
You did not appear to me to have any fear of the gibbets of Monk, or the Bastile of his majesty, King Louis XIV.
The sewer is being built by Severn Trent and follows long-running roadworks along Gibbet Hill and around the University of Warwick campus.
In the height of summer, overflowing gardens on a hillside at Gibbet Hill Farm in Groton not only take your breath away, but also reveal a story about a family's strong commitment to sustainable agriculture and a town's heritage.
4 Winter's Gibbet -Winter's Gibbet a grisly memorial to William Winter, the last man in England to be gibbeted.
The murderer, a William Winter, was hung, drawn and quartered and his remains hung in irons on the gibbet near Elsdon.
Motorists have already had to contend with major delays in the area after Coventry City Council and the university installed a new roundabout at the junction with Gibbet Hill and Stoneleigh Road.
The 19-year-old was one of several people in a gold Vauxhall Omega that hit a kerb on Gibbet Street in Halifax before smashing into the tree at the junction of Sandhill Lane.