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Synonyms for gibbet

to execute by suspending by the neck

Synonyms for gibbet

alternative terms for gallows

hang on an execution instrument

Related Words

expose to ridicule or public scorn


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A gibbet was a frame, often made of metal, built to contain the body of a criminal and hung from a gallows for all to see as the body slowly decomposed.
The murderer, a William Winter, was hung, drawn and quartered and his remains hung in irons on the gibbet near Elsdon.
Gibbet Hill now includes the farm, the upscale Gibbet Hill Grill restaurant, and The Barn at Gibbet Hill, a special functions hall.
So, move on to the next town then, just as long as they stayed away from Halifax where they had been using a gibbet to behead criminals since 1280.
At their place of execution, they were hung in chains upon a gibbet before thousands of onlook-ers.
His reform efforts exasperated the colonial and English authorities; but for some inexplicable grace and his specific circumstances, he might otherwise have paid for his views in prison or on the gibbet.
The 19-year-old was one of several people in a gold Vauxhall Omega that hit a kerb on Gibbet Street in Halifax before smashing into the tree at the junction of Sandhill Lane.
Rainsbrook Individual Homes are to build the detached properties on orchard and garden land of Gibbet Hill Road, once owned by the brother of Bond creator, Ian Fleming.
Warwick Arts Centre, the University of Warwick, Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry.
I know the Gibbet Road particularly well, and the superb views from Winter's Gibbet, and was appalled to read of the wishes of Air Farmers Ltd to put up their large and ugly windmills in that region (The Journal, August 9).
William Jobling's body was tarred and encased in a metal cage, which was displayed on a gibbet at Jarrow Slake, in South Tyneside, for six weeks.
The attack happened in Gibbet Street, Halifax, shortly after 4.
Property in Cryfield Grange Road, Gibbet Hill: sold for PS1,100,000 on May 22
Wind company Air Farmers Ltd is working on a scheme for nine turbines, 125m high, at Elsdon, close to the Grade II listed Winter's Gibbet and directly beside the boundary of Northumberland National Park and the A696.
Displays dedicated to the town's famous trades of shipbuilding and coal mining are alongside William Jobling's gibbet (the last man to be hanged and gibbeted in England) and the model ship of St Hilda.