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I told him of the terrors of that early time, of Lop-Ear and the pranks we played, of the gibbering councils, and of the Fire People and their squatting places.
The aerial battle was over, and Thomas Mugridge, whining and gibbering, his mouth flecked with bloody foam, was brought down to deck.
he squeaked at last, gibbering and whimpering like a whipped monkey, so that I could not bear to miss his face, and got a match all ready to strike.
And Hall, usually so merry, could outfoot them all when he once got started on the cosmic pathos of religion and the gibbering anthropomorphisms of those who loved not to die.
The moping idiot, cowering down with long dishevelled hair; the gibbering maniac, with his hideous laugh and pointed finger; the vacant eye, the fierce wild face, the gloomy picking of the hands and lips, and munching of the nails: there they were all, without disguise, in naked ugliness and horror.
FEW things are likely to reduce men and women to gibbering wrecks than having to give some kind of public speech.
Well, turns out With A Little Help From My Fwends is the most offensively poor, gibbering pile of nonsense I've heard in my life.
He turned my friend into a gibbering wreck with just one look.
That's the quickest way to make your legs turn to jelly and turn you into a gibbering wreck.
This is one of two weeks during a year when someone who ordinarily is a sensible sort of chap, turns into a gibbering wreck at the very mention of the match.
I once saw a top medical doctor reduced to a gibbering wreck when a medical student asked him how to tell if a patient was ticklish.
It may be a little old school in places but still has that heart-pounding special something that will have you gibbering on the edge of your seat.
Some end up looking like gibbering idiots and fail while others don't and thrive.
THE mere sight of Davina McCall can reduce me to a gibbering, weeping mess these days.
However, Pattinson lacks sexual chemistry with any of his co-stars, making a mockery of his anti-hero's ability to reduce lovers to swooning, gibbering wrecks.