gibberellic acid

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a crystalline acid associated with gibberellin

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We also studied photoblastic behavior in all species to determine the effect of addition of gibberellic acid at three concentrations under light and dark conditions.
Girardin O, Nindgin C, Farah Z, Escher F, Stamp P and D Otokore Use of Gibberellic acid to prolong Dormancy and reduce losses during traditional storage of yam.
Thus, the requirement for endogenous factors to control dormancy is supported in the present study by increased seed germination after various storage times at low to moderate temperatures, the positive light response and the positive response to gibberellic acid treatment.
Long day length causes a sharp rise in GA levels in the plants' tissues, but King says such experiments do not establish that gibberellic acid directly initiates flowering.
Chemical treatments used were gibberellic acid ([GA.
Gibberellic acid and rejuvenation of apical meristems in Acacia melanoxylon.
98 million in 2009 respectively, and gibberellic acid is the most popularly used PGR for non-crop use.
gibberellic acid (GA3) modifies some growth and physiological effects of paclobutrazol (PP333) on wheat.
The liquor is mixed with a tiny quantity of Gibberellic acid, an important plant hormone that improves seed germination and plant growth as well as size, and then with water.
Gibberellic acid (GA) is a very potent hormone whose natural occurrence in plants controls development.
paradoxus could be induced to germinate by scarification (nicking or removing the seed top) and applying 10-50 mg/kg gibberellic acid.
But Melissa vines require no sprays of the natural growth regulator gibberellic acid to produce big berries.
4-Composition of Gibberellic acid+6-Benzylamino purine 5-combining Gibberellic acid + Kinetine 6-combined 6-Benzylamino purine + Kinetine 7-combined Gibberellic acid +6-Benzylamino purine + Kinetine 8-concentrated sulfuric acid 90% for 15seconds.
germination effects to increased levels of gibberellic acid ([GA.
By applying plant hormones, like gibberellic acid, this trend was reversed.