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Synonyms for giantism

excessive size

excessive largeness of stature


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Nowa Huta--"New Steelworks"--on the outskirts of Cracow embodied the spirit of late Stalinist giantism.
But financial giantism - private or public - isn't the answer.
He shot up after reaching the age of 16, and has now beaten the previous natural, and not the result of a condition such as giantism or acromegaly, caused by too much growth hormone.
Extreme giantism thus threatens to erect an Alice in Wonderland world of reverse economic Darwinism, where survival is assured for the fattest, not the fittest, and for the biggest, not the best.
They became subject to evolutionary forces that propelled some toward giantism and reduced the size of others.
Giantism produces an atmosphere more like a corporate headquarters than a partnership.
From the explosive release of energy in this medium, Cade billows into a crude giantism, gains the primal force of archetype; and through the carnivalesque collapse of Chronicle realism, his philosophic contradictions become ludic, rather than ludicrous, naturalized into familiar shows of hilarity.
Overgrowth of the bones and tissues can also occur, causing giantism of toes, hands and feet.
It is almost axiomatic that, under present insurance trends, giantism among your corporate customers will lead them into the formation of various corporate forms for self-insurance.
Today we suffer from an almost universal idolatry of giantism,' E.