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Synonyms for giantism

excessive size

excessive largeness of stature


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Large size and dominance are not synonymous with efficiency in nature, and giantism has never been an effective long-term evolutionary strategy.
Nowa Huta--"New Steelworks"--on the outskirts of Cracow embodied the spirit of late Stalinist giantism.
giantism and dwarfism, elongated and shortened bills, feathered tarsi, supernumerary tail feathers, hypertrophied nose and eye ceres, frontal and occipital crests, colors of irises and orbital rings, sexual dichromatism as well as various plumage patterns.
In fixing the financial crisis, Obama could use a little less of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's affection for economic giantism, and a little more of Theodore Roosevelt's zeal for trust-busting.
9 kg) having no history and clinical signs of any orthopaedic disorder such as fracture, osteoarthritis or also acromegaly for giantism were included in this study.
By 1900, McClure realized that his magazine must tackle one of the most difficult topics around--corporate giantism and rapacity in the form of "trusts" (think of the word "antitrust").
She employs it to cover bodily disabilities and 'oddities' including muteness, blindness, lameness, pock-marked complexion, eunuchism, and giantism.
One of the main flaws DeVoto points out is "the giantism of [Wolfe's] characters," all of whom stood "twenty feet tall, spoke with the voice of trumpets and the thunder, ate like Pantagruel, wept like Niobe, laughed like Falstaff, and bellowed like the bulls of Bashan" (4).
These enormous and preventable costs are a direct result of giantism, of disconnecting staff from patients, of lack of ownership of problems, of alienation and the burden of extra management that enormous institutions entail.
He shot up after reaching the age of 16, and has now beaten the previous natural, and not the result of a condition such as giantism or acromegaly, caused by too much growth hormone.
Extreme giantism thus threatens to erect an Alice in Wonderland world of reverse economic Darwinism, where survival is assured for the fattest, not the fittest, and for the biggest, not the best.
In fact, if workers appeared at all in publicity material, they were not shown at work, but served to underline the giantism of maritime technology next to which human beings looked tiny.
They became subject to evolutionary forces that propelled some toward giantism and reduced the size of others.