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a female giant

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is an intriguing discussion of one of history's literary giantesses.
The context of example 37 is a scene where God Narayana meets two giantesses who are searching for Arjuna and Bhimsena.
Edith Sitwell and Marianne Moore, the ageing giantesses and poetic godmothers .
Sooner than weary our minds with discomfiting and impossible giantesses, we restrict the scope of the embodiment.
Giantesses with metabolisms of eight year olds and seven figure incomes they are about as accessible as Barbie as contemporary role models.
In these tales, where we can read of a people's need not only for doers but also for idlers and dreamers, giantesses join forces with invaders to wreak ruin and bloodshed on terrified besieged islanders, locked inside a fortress tower.
And here are the victims, among them George Moore, Shaw (and Mrs Pat Campbell), Winston Churchill, Arnold Bennett, Lytton Strachey, Joseph Chamberlain, the Prince of Wales in New York feted by social giantesses in 1924, and hundreds more.