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a female giant

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Antagonistically, she acts out the "feathered frump" "cripple" (19), the "marvellous monster," the estranged "alien creature" (161), a giantess bound to Earth, with useless wings, her mutant bodily protuberances recalling the deformations of a hunchback, while simultaneously she also performs the role of the sexually threatening yet sublime aerialiste, the angelic winged wonder, a "fabulous bird-woman" (15) defying the laws of gravity in her graceful and erotic art on the trapeze.
YES GIANTESS, whose musical inspiration is an improbable amalgam of Michael Jackson and Talking Heads, hit Coventry next month when University Of Warwick Students Union play host to the NME Radar Tour.
window, far too tired To read, cramped by a pimpled giantess Who nodded
Joining with other "insane" women, female criminals, and misfits of all types (including a betrayed Southern belle, an English ornithologist/ artist, a female adventurer/mule skinner, a sharp-tongued Swiss giantess, and a freed black slave), May travels West to meet her new husband, Chief Little Wolf.
shouted Jane, for the giantess was beginning to touch various parts of the room with her torch.
As an example, let us consider again Swinburne's allusion to "The Giantess.
She is giantess and goddess: "HER / toffeed flanks roll with greatness and sustenance in their sockets.
The Giantess BY EVELINE HASLER & RENATE SEELIG *** EP Library Code: KP1766YP EP Library Price: $12.
Noted dancer, teacher and choreographer Erika Thimey (pronounced tea-my) was born in Germany and studied there, principally with that country's giantess of modern dance, Mary Wigman.
When Borr finally accepts the need to put on female dress and drive off to Jotunheimar, he does not in human or divine terms make a very satisfactory female (nor would we want him to); but he is evidently impressive as a giantess (not surprisingly, if giantess figures like Gryla were already portrayed in folk ritual by large and powerful men).
She loomed, a giantess, a little bent, with rheumatism now, but unbowed.
An imaginative, irreverent, and self-worshiping prankster, Cuevas swears that some magic and mysterious hand contrived to carve an image of his own face in the right knee of the giantess.
The theme is made explicit in Sunflower when one of the male characters, who later watches through a keyhole as the heroine is penetrated dog-fashion by her Japanese lover, contemplates a comic-book image of 'a blonde giantess, enormously nude, being climbed by a horde of tiny Oriental men' (p.
While the young giantess settled down for a siesta at Everton, there were strange things afoot at Salthouse Dock.
The abused, exploited, trailer-park waif Pauline is the town's guilty secret (in many ways she is also the willowy John's wife's fleshly double, she represents ordinary, fallible, hungry humanity, whereas John's wife is a lofty Ideal: together they constitute a Caliban/Ariel combo (21)), and when, in the phantasmagorical climax, she assumes giant form and towers over the terrified townsfolk like King Kong or a B-Movie giantess, she embodies, massively, the return of the repressed.