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very tall American perennial of central and the eastern United States to Canada having edible tuberous roots

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Kids can compete to grow the biggest Jamie and the giant sunflower head
Complete the application form and send to: Free Giant Sunflower Offer, Cottage Garden Seeds, Dept FMCT28, Unit 22, Yew Tree Courtyard, Earl Soham, Woodbridge, IP13 7SG.
Sunflowers are brilliant fun and these super seeds give you GIANT Sunflowers, creating a stunning display of colour for your garden.
Karen's Jack and the Beanstalk moment lead to the giant sunflower blooming in April.
McGuinn Fountain of Hope, an interactive fountain shaped like a giant sunflower (the official flower of The Children's Institute); kids can control the water's flow by touching the controls or just rolling past in their wheelchairs
But it's his giant sunflower which he is most proud of.
There's also a bumper package of goodies up for grabs including Rupert And The Giant Sunflower DVD, Milkshake Activity Book, Fifi And The Flowers Snow Book, Little Princess pillow and duvet kit, Noddy V-Smile game, Little Miss and Mr Men T-shirts and a marshmallow cake kit.
The goody bag includes:1 x Little Princess soft toy; 1 x Peppa Pig Classroom play set; 1 x Noddy Lends a Hand hardback book; 1 x Fifi and the Flowertots Paddling Pool & Sprinkler; 1 x Rupert and the Giant Sunflower DVD; 1 x Mr Men Sticker&Maze Activity sheet; 1 x Mr Men pen and pad.
Also features a giant sunflower forest for kids, hay rides, farm animals, face painting, food and more.
There are lots of activities for children and adults, with exhibitors, competitions, arts and crafts as well as the judging of the Giant Sunflower Competition that has been running all summer for local school children.
There was also a bizarre array of costume changes, including performers in panda and monkey suits, giant sunflower heads and even a bride-to-be.
Each of the pages in the shaped book unfolds petal-like to reveal a giant sunflower (just make sure you fold them back in the right order afterwards
Mountain Point Snorkeling Adventure (Ketchikan) - Travelers can immerse themselves in Alaska's sea world when they snorkel the calm and clear waters of Mountain Point, while observing multicolored sea stars, urchins, sea cucumbers and giant sunflower stars.
Faulkner Farm Pumpkin Patch features acres of pumpkins, a giant sunflower forest, scenic hayrides, farm animals, haystacks to climb, children's play area, demonstrations, antique tractor show, crafts show, hand-weaving, food and more.
ANY 9 tips on how I grow a giant sunflower to impress my friends?