giant star

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a very bright star of large diameter and low density (relative to the Sun)


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However, Integral's observations revealed that a slow-spinning neutron star, with an unusually strong magnetic field has likely just begun feeding on material from a neighboring red giant star.
The giant star, named π1Gruis, is one of the stars in the constellation Grus (Latin for the crane, a type of bird), which can be observed in the southern hemisphere.
The surfaces known as photospheres of many giant stars are obscured by dust, which hinders observations.
The discovery of planets orbiting red giant stars is rare, with only five such planets located around stars of that kind to date, she said.
The star Kepler-56 is becoming a red giant star as well.
Further evidence for this was obtained from the late-type giant star, which was not undergoing roche lobe overflow and whose spectral characteristics remained unchanged during the outburst.
An entire cul-de-sac of lights, inflatable Santa Claus, candy canes, reindeer, animated figures and a giant star to lead the way.
He was a giant star among many different people--the Esperantists, the homosexuals, the gamelan enthusiasts, and the sign-language speakers.
In the journal Nature, they suggested the heavy elements were thrown out from a giant star which exploded and collapsed into a black hole.
AZTEC hopes to delineate kimberlite within the Carolyn which would correlate to the enriched Early Joli Fou kimberlite phase within the giant Star Pipe.
The lost energy has little effect on the giant star other than the slight weakening of the hemisphere brightness variations.
The shape and the size of its orbit are also unusual for a planet like Kepler-432b that is revolving around a giant star.
Many stars are born in binary systems so an expanding red giant star will sometimes collide with an orbiting companion star.
Just before a giant star blew up in a spectacular supernova explosion, it gave hints to its imminent demise.
Arcturus is a giant star, with a surface temperature of 3600K, markedly cooler than the Sun.