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largest mollusk known about but never seen (to 60 feet long)

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FOR centuries, tales of giant squid were dismissed as legends made up by sailors to scare landlubbers.
com/world/a/20739305/fishermen-haul-in-rare-giant-squid/) Yahoo News AU reports that majority of these giant squids are known to live in the deeper parts of the sea.
com added that the giant squid came with huge eyes, not less than eight arms filled with suckers and all slippery too.
Plenty of twists abound, including that if three or more Treasure Chests appear on the screen, unleashing the wrath of the giant squid, which will smash reels in its fury, revealing submerged Free Spins, which are multiplied by five if won on - as much as 175 points on a single spin
For Nilsson's team, that begged the question of why giant squid bother with their giant eyes.
Giant squid may also be unique in that they are powerful enough to escape a sperm whale once they've spotted one, Nilsson said.
Full of futuristic science fiction gadgets and suspenseful danger, this book is a must-read for thrill-seekers who love the idea of hunting down creatures such as Bigfoot, dinosaurs or giant squids.
Since sperm whales feed on giant squids, the scientists followed these large whales.
In 1930 a Norwegian navy tanker was attacked three times by a giant squid, and in 1965 the crew of a Soviet tanker witnessed an epic battle between a squid and a sperm whale which ended in a score draw: the strangled body of the 40-tonne whale appeared on the surface, with the squid's tentacles still wrapped around it; the squid's head was found in the whale's stomach.
For the first time, researchers have photographed a living giant squid in the wild.
It is thought that the giant squid fought to its death with a sperm whale, prior to surfacing, (http://www.
Although the game has plenty to look at, with impressive giant squids and a handsome Captain Nemo lookalike, the real star of the show is the game's "1024 Ways to Win" design.
Giant squids have long attracted human fascination and were written about and mythologised by the ancient Greeks.
Some dead giant squids have washed up on ocean shores.
Youngsters can learn the history of giant squids, mermaids and manatees.