giant salamander

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large (up to more than three feet) edible salamander of Asia

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4 January 2016 - Chinese skincare products company Jinchi Biotech Ltd's (NSX: JCB) Zhangjiajie (China) Jinchi Giant Salamander Biological Technology Co.
Numbers of the Chinese giant salamander, whose home is central and southern China, have "declined catastrophically" over the last three decades, mostly due to over-exploitation for human consumption, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
Small mammals and other prey in the diet of the Pacific giant salamander (Dicamptodon ensatus).
To the Editor: The Chinese giant salamander (Andreas davidianus) is one of the world's largest amphibian species and is often referred to as a living fossil.
I open its mandible, and the head of a giant salamander peers at
David Attenborough, left, explores how amphibians first took to dry land, taking many clues from the Australian lungfish and the Japanese giant salamander.
Kelley, who is building a 6-foot-long Chinese giant salamander for the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity, uses the cups to "frappe" paint colours.
He eyed a footlong Pacific giant salamander, a creature so rare some of the researchers who study it for a living have never before seen one.
Naturalist Nick Baker visits America, where he encounters rare giant salamander the hellbender, a creature with a reputation as a poisonous menace.
They're not particularly giant-size--the largest, the California giant salamander, is about 7 inches long.
In another example, a growing number of ''conservation'' facilities have been set up in recent years to breed the rare Chinese giant salamander, another CITES-listed animal ostensibly under state protection, primarily for local consumption and use in traditional medicines.
Living relatives include the Asian giant salamander, which can grow as big as a small human adult, and the smaller hellbender of North America, says Neil H.
The largest species of amphibian (an animal that lives both on land and in water) is the Chinese giant salamander.
A GIANT salamander older than Tyrannosaurus Rex became one of the world's 10 most endangered amphibians today.