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large rhizomatous perennial grasses found by riversides and in ditches having jointed stems and large grey-white feathery panicles

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Giant reed, also known as "carrizo cane" or "Spanish reed," forms dense thickets that clog streams and irrigation channels, weaken river banks, stifle native vegetation, affect flood control, and reduce wildlife habitat.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of hydrothermal treatment of the giant reed particle (Arundo donax) used in the core layer, press closing time, and amount of almond shell powder used as an extender in the glue line between panel and veneer had on the bending properties of sandwich panel veneered by fir.
Therefore, giant reed and green reed could be the preferential wetland plants for nutrient phyto-uptake and bioenergy feedstock usage.
In letters to EPA, USDA and the departments of Defense, Energy and Transportation, the scientists note that California, Colorado, Nevada and Texas have put giant reed, a native plant of India, on noxious weed lists, and Alabama, New Mexico and South Carolina either list it as invasive or at high risk for invasiveness.
The Oregon Department of Agriculture determined that giant reed was not an imminent threat when the department reviewed it in a 2007 risk assessment, but that assessment did not take into account large-scale agricultural production of the weed.
In recent years, operating as the Wales Biomass Centre, Llysdinam became the leader in the introduction of energy crops to the Welsh environment such as elephant grass, reed canary grass and giant reed.
Recruitment giant Reed said demand for accountants and charity staff was also strong, but was falling in the public sector in the wake of Government spending cuts.
Stomach contents (n = 14) contained common reed (Phragmites australis), water pennywort (Hydroelyle umbellata), giant reed (Arundo donax), spi kerush (Eleocharis caribaea), bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon), water hyssop (Bacopa monnieri), foxtail (Alopecurus sp).
This present work was aimed at to investigate the potential use of Big bluestem and Giant reed grass as an alternative feedstock for lignocellulosic ethanol production and to apply leading pre-treatment technologies and parameter optimization for efficient hydrolysis of lignocellulose to fermentable sugars.
The Common Reed (Phragmites australis) and the Giant Reed (Arundo donax) grow along roadsides adjacent to these irrigation canals.
In the southwestern United States giant reed, Arundo donax, is a nonnative invasive plant that has become widely established in moist places and forms its largest stands along riparian corridors.
That could be part of the future, but for the moment, many customers--including Graeme McCracken of (European) information services giant Reed Elsevier--report that they are happy just to source the right technology, never mind what flag may be on the side of the package.
Grasses from short fescues to giant reed grasses can be found in the Ornamental Grasses garden.
Anglo Dutch publishing giant Reed Elsevier is probably the biggest name reporting its results next week.