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the soft reddish wood of either of two species of sequoia trees

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The Giant Redwood is a fast-growing tree that can reach heights of 170ft in 50 years in its native California.
Though other San Francisco photographers also went east into the hills to capture the giant redwoods, Watkins was notable not only for his artistry, but also for his access to the East.
Spending time among giant redwoods is strangely calming.
It's a snapshot of California history, from the giant redwoods to the Golden Gate Bridge, from the missions to the wine country, from the fictional jumping frog of Calaveras County to the Conestoga wagons that brought many settlers here in the mid-1840s.
Though California's giant redwoods are a major carbon repository, they are almost useless in sopping up newly generated CO.
The woods include giant redwoods, white oak, pine and many other hardwoods that carry a wholesale value of well over $1 billion USD.
Flanking the memorial are two giant redwoods which are expected to eventually look like wooded versions of the two lost skyscrapers.
Giant redwoods are the world''s largest trees in terms of total volume.
When I was a child, my parents took me to see the giant redwoods in California.
But it is the giant redwoods in Bute Park which remain Malcolm's favourite along with the spring flowering cherry and apple trees.
Combine the two and you have one of nature's singularities: a place where you can stroll through giant redwoods and a pygmy forest all in one 45-minute walk.
The residents of the four luxury apartments share a spacious garden to the front of Leazes House which is surrounded by a superb variety of mature trees, including giant redwoods which were originally imported by the Bainbridge family, creating a wonderful arboreal walkway in fitting with grandeur of the apartments.
There, in 3-D, appeared Yosemite's granite slopes, giant redwoods, and the progress of the Central Pacific Railroad.
Everyone has their own favourite corner of the garden, whether it be the giant redwoods or the collection of Scottish heathers in the heath garden.
The California-theme park will include a simulated hang glider flight over Yosemite, giant redwoods and San Francisco Bay.