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huge edible puffball up to 2 feet diameter and 25 pounds in weight

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Giant puffballs are edible when immature (when the flesh is pure white) but can cause digestive upset if the spores have begun to form.
The inside of mature giant puffballs is greenish brown.
The flesh of giant puffballs tastes very similar to tofu or melted cheese when cooked.
Well, the book says that giant puffballs are found in the woods, and are as big as a soccer ball.
There, in a book I had not seen before, was a picture of a giant puffball in the woods and right beside it a picture of the smaller, false puffball in a grassy field with the word Poisonous across it and a caption that read, "Symptoms are nausea, chills, headaches, fever, and general feeling of ill health.
Giant puffballs are large, slightly flattened globeshaped fungi with a white, lumpy surface.
Somewhere nestling in the grey landscape is Hadrian's Wall and Housesteads Roman Fort where National Trust ranger James Howard has been safeguarding a calvatia gigantea, or giant puffball.
On the largest of your giant puffballs, you may have to slice your slices into quarters to make them practical, or even into small thin slices for easier use later on.
Slice the giant puffballs as above and for oven drying, place them on baking sheets and allow them to dry in an oven heated to 150 [degrees] F.
Experts identified it as a giant puffball (calvatia gigantea).
A giant puffball found in Canada in 1987 weighed a staggering 48lb 8oz and measured eight feet and eight inches around.
The only finds I've been sure enough of to eat so far are those amethyst deceivers and giant puffballs (only eat them when the inside is firm and white; they're delicious fried in slices with garlic).
When young, and when their flesh is white, giant puffballs make a tasty fried snack with egg and breadcrumbs.
However they spot an amazing circle of giant puffballs and take one back for a meal.
A giant puffball found in Canada in 1987 weighed 48lb 8oz and measured eight feet and eight inches around.