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large brownish petrel chiefly of Antarctic seas

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On a day so warm the southern giant petrels are riding thermals rising off icebergs, we sail into the Weddell Sea.
Hiking back into radio range, we hear from Ron Naveen, counting southern giant petrel nests on the other side of the island.
One guest, when asked after a two-hour onboard lecture on seabird identification whether the bird overhead is a southern giant petrel or black-browed albatross, looks up, shrugs, and admits, I really don't care.
A huge gang of fur seals bark greetings as we climb through the slippery tussock grass to observe nesting albatross and fluffy giant petrel chicks.
Giant Petrels are large scavenger birds that feed on dead seals, whales, penguins, squid or just about any other creature that dies on Antarctica's Southern Ocean, which is why 19th Century sailors called them "Bone Shakers.
I think Giant Petrels rule the Earth; they're fantastic," she says, climbing out of a black rubber Zodiac and moving past huge burbling elephant seals and squawking Adelie penguins on Humble Island, Antarctica.
Patterson, who has a bright but determined attitude and a sun-reddened face, has spent the last 10 years working "on the ice," the last seven in the company of Giant Petrels.
Northern Giant Petrels are more concealed, solitary nesters found in the tussock grass of sub-Antarctic islands.
As many as 100,000 Antarctic seabirds, mainly Albatrosses, but also Giant Petrels, are now thought to be dying every year in encounters with longline fishing fleets that have expanded their operations into the Southern Ocean.
This warming trend could affect Giant Petrels in that we're seeing more elephant seals moving south.
Four Giant Petrels have now been equipped with tiny transmitters.
In coming years, Patterson hopes to expand this kind of remote sensing in order to learn more about Giant Petrels, their habits and behaviors.
But the giant petrel shown below just sits calmly as the snow piles up around him.