giant lizard

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the largest lizard in the world (10 feet)

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Anyone who comes up with a giant lizard as an appropriate theme for club decoration and then makes it look like Dubai's new Chameleon Club has certainly got my attention.
It came with two dust jackets, and I exposed the second one with some trepidation, half expecting it to reveal the image of the shape-shifting giant lizard which, former sports commentator David Icke assures us, is the reality behind our royal family and political leaders.
Over the years, Emmerich, Hollywood's import from Germany, has raked it in by making men fight sabretooth tigers ( 10,000 BC ), sinking New Delhi in a pile of snow ( The Day After Tomorrow ), messing up Manhattan by unleashing a giant lizard ( Godzilla ), and crafting an alien attack to blow up the White House ( Independence Day ).
I had to tame the giant lizard and I rode him home.
Around the next corner, a giant lizard hovers overhead, screaming as it searches for food.
The Christmas Dragon" is a charming children's story follows Margaretta, a woodcutter's daughter who yearns for something more, as she faces off against the giant lizard about to ruin her holiday.
Watching Rose slide down a dinosaur's neck, she sees "not a drooling tittie-girl but a chick who looks like a witchy Viking straddling a giant lizard," tripping the line into a youthful feminist terrain that echoes Trisha's earlier questions about gender roles and womanhood.
No longer content to forage in the desert, the giant lizard begins chomping on motorists before descending upon the town itself.
With one or two exceptions - like Kenobi's daredevil ride aboard a giant lizard - computer generated special effects are excellent throughout, though the dialogue is unintentionally hilarious at times.
The useless forelegs of the upright giant lizard predators and scavengers first became leathery wings, then feathered wings.
A ceremony will honor the giant lizard in front of Hollywood Boulevard's Mann Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Nov.
Sydney's iconic Opera House and Harbor Bridge will be flattened by Godzilla when the giant lizard stomps through his next and reportedly last film ''Final Wars,'' the Sydney Morning Herald reported Monday.
Australia's largest fossil carnivore, for example, was Megalania prisca, a ferocious giant lizard.
To honor the area, the Credit Union constructed a special themed ATM featuring a giant lizard replica and a commemorative plaque marking the milestone.
James Smart keeps an eye on a giant lizard at the Ely Festival