giant kangaroo

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very large greyish-brown Australian kangaroo formerly abundant in open wooded areas

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He said that it was likely that hunting killed off TasmaniaCOs mega-fauna - including the long-muzzled, 120 kilogramme giant kangaroo, a rhinoceros-sized wombat and marsupial CylionsCO which appeared to resemble leopards.
Giant kangaroo rats live in the desert grasslands of California's Carrizo Plain, where they gather grass seeds by harvesting the plants in a circle around their burrows.
Advantageous to operator training, Currahee is controlled just like CUES' Kangaroo and Giant Kangaroo cutters.
Four endangered animals occur on ARCO's land (the San Joaquin kit fox, blunt-nosed leopard lizard, Tipton kangaroo rat, giant kangaroo rat) and three threatened plants (the San Joaquin wooly threads, the Kern mallow, and the Hoover's eriastrum).
COMEDIAN Bobby Davro shocked an audience of parents and children by simulating sex in a giant kangaroo suit.
London, June 23 (ANI): A team of scientists has analyzed the fossil of the extinct giant kangaroo to determine that humans were responsible for the demise of "megafauna" 46,000 years ago.
They saw the natural habitat of several endangered animals and plants such as the kit fox, the blunt-nosed leopard lizard, the giant kangaroo rat, Hoover's wooly star, and the Tipton kangaroo rat.
The limestone caves in Australia s far north contained what University of Queensland paleontologist Gilbert Price described as a "fossil goldmine" of species ranging from minute rodents and frogs to giant kangaroos.
Performances include giant kangaroos bouncing around the city, puppetry, contemporary mime, juggling tennis players and international acrobats.
Aside from the races, visitors got a chance to meet the legendary giant kangaroos, clowns-on-stilts, see the ever-popular and amazing stunt bikers, have fun in the children's play area and try their hand at racing on the Kart Zone.
New evidence shows for the first time that giant kangaroos and the marsupial equivalent of rhinos and leopards still populated Tasmania when humans first arrived on the island 43,000 years ago.
Dr Prideaux believes it likely that the giant kangaroos and wombats found in the caves were killed off by humans, either through hunting or habitat destruction.
THINGS went hopping mad in Galway yesterday after the city was overrun by giant kangaroos.
LIVE iron statues, giant kangaroos and time machines are just some of the weird and wonderful sights to be seen in the Alnwick Garden this summer.