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European hornet introduced into the United States


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The Asian giant hornet was accidentally introduced to Europe in 2004 when the insects found their way into a shipment of Chinese pottery to France.
A Japanese giant hornet can kill 40 honey bees in an hour.
ASIAN GIANT HORNET FACTS | The Asian giant hornet |(vespa mandarinia) is the world's largest hornet which can grow up to 7.
Biologists said Asian giant hornet, which can grow up to 5cm (2ins) in length and has a 5mm long sting, was most likely the culprit.
After his much publicised tangles this season with a pair of newly-wedded Terriers, a giant Hornet and those three little pigs at Bristol, the mischievous Wolverhampton Wanderers mascot, who is never far from hot water, was on his best behaviour at Barnsley.
COULD this be a killer giant hornet known for wiping out whole bee colonies across Europe?
The Asian giant hornet has already terrorised the south of France, where it has become a common sight in recent years.
They found that when a giant hornet with unstingably tough armor barges into a nest, several hundred defenders surround it.
A DEADLY Asian giant hornet has been spotted by a student in the UK.
Simon Laxon Giant hornet found by mum and daughter in Tile Hill I had one of these recently on my bird bath, kept looking at it thinking was a weird bee, it was massive.
In fact, this ploy accounts for Apis cerana japonica's impressive record of protecting its nest against attacks by the giant hornet, Vespa mandarinia japonica.
Arthur Bird with giant hornet he captured in his garden (above) and how it measures up against a ruler (left).
AGGRESSIVE ATTACK A feared and venomous giant hornet devours a honeybee DEADLY The Asian giant hornet kills about 40 people each year
THIS is a giant hornet," the narrator of Natural Worlds warned.