giant fir

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lofty fir of the Pacific coast of northwestern America having long curving branches and deep green leaves

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In the shadow of this giant fir, Dickens Carolers sing favorite holiday tunes as they stroll down Main Street, U.
Giant fir trees fire off like rockets into the darkness above; walls revolve, revealing hefty stone hearths.
Two panels depicting elegantly charred stumps in studio settings flank the main image, a spacious colonnade of giant fir trunks made mysterious by a ghostly figure in the middle ground.
Dolls dance magically, swan boats arrive for Clara and her prince and when we move to the forest giant fir trees light up against a noble palace where lamps at twilight glow through the snowflakes.
The giant fir, which has been decorated with twinkling lights, was given and delivered by Bed worth-based Arbury Tree and Landscape Services and has been erected outside the main entrance.
DRIVING up the back roads of rural Aberdeenshire in search of Scotland's biggest Christmas tree plantation, I was expecting to come across a mighty forest of giant firs.
In 2002, residents of the area tangled with county road designers over a plan to widen River Road that would have resulted in the loss of up to two dozen of the giant firs.
But tomorrow Tore Andre Flo, a man who almost appears to have been modelled on one of his nation's giant Firs, will attempt to redress the balance.
ahead, deer wake to your imagn'd silence, leap for their lives through cedar budding kinnickinnic giant firs, breezes raising whitecaps racing toward you, & you await the moment when the wave line hits & you lift your eyes to the new sky where all the sleepers are finally pushing seaward skyward in a mad rush where the cranes lift themselves & are gone, as you are.
Only last August I'd prowled these same ranchlands--slipping through shadowy stands of giant firs, towering redwoods, spreading oaks, and maples--in search of a record book buck.
Played at the Whitecaps' Swangard Stadium, in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby, the setting could hardly have been more idyllic: giant firs towered over the far stand, while great mountains rose in the distance.