giant fern

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highly variable species of very large primitive ferns of the Pacific tropical areas with high rainfall

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Van Pelt promptly located the giant tree, only to find it lying supine amidst giant ferns, moss-covered, and quite dead.
We'd trek through giant ferns to find lyrebird bowers and wombat burrows.
Boasting, as it does, a tropical climate with a four-month rainy season, the island is blessed with lush rainforest teeming with wild orchids, giant ferns and, if you're lucky and you're in the company of an expert guide, brilliantly plumed birds of paradise.
Only the giant ferns and palms have to battle to survive in chilly Billingham.
Hike the loop trail for a closer view of this 50-foot deep canyon that's festooned with giant ferns.
Marigot Bay provided a setting for the film Dr Doolittle, and the magical rainforests are full of wild orchids, giant ferns, incredible flowers and rare birds and waterfalls, another St Lucian speciality.
I visited the world's only walk-in volcano where boiling mudholes bubbled, shooting steam 50ft into the air, and hiked through the rain forest where giant ferns and orchids grow in profusion and the wild life teems beneath the tangled canopy of trees.
The secluded property is 3,100 feet above sea level and is surrounded by giant ferns and towering plants.
The land was barren, dominated by rock, with only a few growths here and there of giant ferns.
Dating back to the 1820s, this wild, extravagant garden is crammed with exotic trees and plants, including giant ferns, palms and Brazilian rhubarb.
Fossils of five dinosaurs have been found in the Painted Desert portion of the park, as well as the fossils of large reptiles, small sharks, giant ferns and other inhabitants that date back 225 million years - the Triassic Period of the Mesozoic Era.
Three buildings surround a rectangular pool lined with giant ferns and dotted with towering coconut trees.
After a final snack on some giant ferns, the hadrosaur collapsed on a riverbank.