giant crab

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very large deep-water Japanese crab

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The image of the alleged giant crab appeared to be 50 feet wide became viral on social media.
Top of the list was a live T giant crab which was found on board a Coventry to Inverness service which, bizarrely, had no seaside stops.
A giant crab is something you'd imagine seeing only in fiction or on Eamonn Holmes's plate, but people are taking him seriously.
He also designed a giant crab sculpture at Los Jameos del Agua, a house built into a cave where he once lived, now a museum and visitor centre occupied by tiny albino crabs.
Krill, squid, toothed whales, Australian sea lions, sharks and seabirds are attracted to upwelling in the Kangaroo Island Pool off South Australia, and it is a spawning ground for giant crab, southern rock lobster and gummy shark.
FUN AT A PINCH A giant crab flies at the kite festival in Whitley Bay.
SHELLING OUT Fishmonger Adrian Coakley-Greene at his stall in Swansea Market with his unusual giant crab PICTURE: Dragon News
DO you think if you went into a film boss's office and started your pitch with: "So, the lead's a sponge who wears cardboard trousers, and works in an under-water fast food joint, where his boss is a giant crab.
A Japanese ivory group of fishermen climbing an anchor while escaping from a giant crab, Meiji Period.
And on view at the raw bar on the first floor of the restaurant are Jim MacDonald's pride and joy, Tasmanian giant crab claws, which range from three pounds each ($74) up to seven-and-a-half pounds ($165).
For braver visitors there will the chance to get 'hands on' with everything from locusts and mealworms to lobster shells, shark jaws and giant crab claws.
It featured some of his creations, which over the years included Cyclops, dragons, skeleton warriors, a Medusa, a giant crab, bees and dinosaurs.
Lucky little crab A giant crab has escaped the pot for a new home in the UK.
Its superb restaurant serves freshly caught seafood - including a full giant crab where you hack off the bits you can eat - and a range of delightful meat dishes.