giant conch

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a large variety of conch

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Further studies on the ecology and growth of this species will certainly improve the management plans necessary for the rational exploitation and protection of the giant conch resource in the years to come.
The abundance of the giant conch in both archipelagos was very low: In our surveys, we found only 11 living individuals in Las Perlas and 70 in Coiba.
1 A, B), we could extrapolate that the fishermen's catch of 949 kg of giant conch meat per year (4.
The giant conch also has been exploited or depleted in Nicaragua (Gonzalez 1997, Anonymous 2006), Costa Rica (Arroyo-Mora 2003), and the Gulf of California (Saenz-Arroyo et al.
The lip thickness of the giant conch changes slowly whereas the shell grows, but after maturity the shell stops growing and the outer lip becomes thicker (Fig.
infinity]] = 315 mm should be interpreted as the maximum hypothetical size the giant conch would attain if it did not mature and invest its energy in reproduction (Appeldoorn 1990).
Future studies of the growth of the giant conch must include a complete record of paired values of shell length and lip thickness to study growth in juveniles and subadults and in adults, respectively.
On the contrary, the giant conch population from Las Perlas seems to be in critical condition or near collapse.