giant cockroach

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large tropical American cockroaches

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SANTA MONICA - Leonardo DiCaprio, Neve Campbell and a giant cockroach won 1998 MTV Movie Awards on Saturday night as viewers of cable TV's rock-music channel picked their favorites from the big screen.
And after fighting a giant cockroach in the original, Jones gets to tackle the altogether sexier alien, Serleena, played by Lara Flynn Boyle.
I'm far from the first person who's talked to her a little while and then been suddenly struck by the notion that it might be interesting to touch a giant cockroach.
Animators have conjured some truly incredible sequences, like Charles scratching furiously at his hallucinatory vision of hundreds of lice crawling over his body, or Jim's amusing metamorphosis into a giant cockroach.
The monkey would have stayed in the jungle and we never would have had the Godzilla movies, much less Mothra or the giant cockroach, Megalon.
Occasionally, though, one has world domination on its mind - like the shape-changing giant cockroach here - and the heroes have to do their stuff.
WRIGGLY: Touching the giant cockroach (far right) are Shannon Heath, left, and Bonnie McEleney.
I'm writing a thing for James Cameron now; I'm writing a thing for Sydney Pollack now; I'm doing a little bit of work on a giant cockroach movie for Miramax.
Ex-cricket star Andrew Flintoff after eating a giant cockroach on the Australian version of I'm a Celebrity .
In those early films the king of the lizards had a succession of monster friends and enemies - including a giant cockroach, a huge armadillo, a flying moth the size of a house, and a three-headed serpent that spat electric bolts.
He's as deadpan as a wok in a coffin - even when shooting his way out of a giant cockroach.