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a large clam inhabiting reefs in the southern Pacific and weighing up to 500 pounds

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I let the current take me over huge ledges of coral formations with spectacular brightly-coloured starfish and giant clams opening and closing their scalloped lips.
The team identified the species of algae that associate with corals, as well as giant clams, sea anemones, zoanthids, and other reef-dwelling animals that form close symbiotic relationships with the single-celled algae that are referred to as zooxanthellae.
Giant clam Date of spawning Experiments Run studied of giant clams Validation of 1 Tridacna crocea August 20, 2010 experimental 2 T.
Manila and Beijing have been on a standoff in the area since April 10 after Chinese vessels prevented the Philippine Navy from apprehending Chinese fishermen caught there with giant clams and other endangered marine species.
Philippine navy personnel who initially boarded the Chinese boats discovered illegally collected corals, giant clams and live sharks inside their compartments, according to the statement.
Trying to manage fisheries for pearl shell, giant clams, trochus (a pearly snail) or reef fish was, to flog an old metaphor, like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic; it was pretty discouraging stuff.
There are forests of seaweed interspersed with brain, anemone, whip and honeycomb coral, surrounded by blue-spotted stingrays, humphead parrotfish, giant clams, surgeonfish, barracudas and hawksbill turtles.
I will never forget snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, and seeing the giant clams and all the beautiful fish, but when the wind rose and the water was splashing over my head, I was rather nervous, being an "oldie".
China and the Philippines have yet to resolve a three-month-old standoff at the Scarborough Shoal, which started in April when Philippine authorities tried to arrest Chinese fishermen reportedly collecting coral, live sharks and giant clams in the area.
Meanwhile, the live black-tip sharks, giant clams and corals that the Chinese fishermen allegedly kept in their fishing vessels were not recovered.
However del Rosario also said it was "regrettable" the fishing boats were allowed to leave without the Philippines confiscating their catch of endangered species like giant clams, corals and live sharks.
The shark could have practiced suction feeding, but larger prey, such as giant clams, would have required the shark to pick them up directly with its mouth from the bottom of the ocean floor," he added.
New for Snowfest 2010: Greg Butauski, the award winning certified master ice sculptor and his team will be creating a 60-block masterpiece that will depict the "Lost City of Atlantis" complete with mermaids, fish, giant clams and Neptune along with several interactive ice carvings.
A I WOULD suggest a touring holiday in Western Australia taking in the highlights such as Monkey Mia - famous for its dolphins - and Ningaloo Reef, where you can snorkel or dive with a rich array of sea life such as starfish, giant clams and manta rays.