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a large clam inhabiting reefs in the southern Pacific and weighing up to 500 pounds

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KEY WORDS: giant clam, Tridacna noae, Tridacna maxima, demographics, density, distribution, management, Papua New Guinea
GIANT clams destined for the dinner table have been reprieved and rehoused at a Tyneside aquarium.
They are also known as the smooth giant clam because their shell is quite flat in appearance and it is only when they begin to open that you see the beautiful colouration and markings of the mollusc inside.
The Thai government released 299 giant clams into the Andaman Sea on Feb.
Mortalities in the giant clam Hippopus hippopus associated wih rickettsiales-like organisms.
In a symbiotic return, the algae uses that sunlight to power photosynthesis, resulting in energy for the giant clam.
Rather than being a lustrous, spherical, gem–quality pearl, it is a clam pearl – formed inside a giant clam, giving it a more porcelainlike appearance.
The geoduck is essentially a giant clam, growing to several pounds in size as an adult and with a lifespan of multiple decades in the wild.
The toro (tuna belly) and giant clam, both at changing market prices, have been available here, the former tried and enjoyed immensely as sushi one time.
In Cardiff a giant clam smuggled from Indonesia was seized from a furniture store, while barn owls, otters and birds of prey - worth up to pounds 1,000 on the black market - had been found in a freezer, said Sgt Ian Guildford, of South Wales Police.
Master vegetable grower Medwyn Williams has brought his yellow and purple carrots from Anglesey, while London expert Myles Challis is showing a garden called Cascades where water falls from a head of Apollo into a giant clam shell, then a grotto and pools.
However, an acclimatization response was observed in which increased CR was noted at the end of the exposure, indicating that, to some extent, giant clam juveniles are capable of acclimating to prolonged exposure to reduced salinity.
Giant clam Date of spawning Experiments Run studied of giant clams Validation of 1 Tridacna crocea August 20, 2010 experimental 2 T.
These include re-stocking of abalone, giant clam and other marine species.
Ask Paul Broadhurst about his chances of making the Ryder Cup team this September and it's like trying to prise open a giant clam.