giant bamboo

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immense tropical southeast Asian bamboo with tough hollow culms that resemble tree trunks

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Culex (Microculex) neglectus Lutz: PNI, 2 L, collected from giant bamboo internodes (Guadua chacoensis) at the coast of the Iguazu River (25[degrees]32' 47" S, 54[degrees]17' 45" W), V/17/2006, 1 M, 1 MG, 1 F 2 Pe, 2 Le.
A stranded composite giant bamboo product (most likely Bambusa atrovirens) was also included in the test.
It is a scene of everyday life for the Akha communities living in the Nam Ha Protected Area, where elephants, gibbons and leopards roam among giant bamboo near villages perched on the banks of a tributary of the Mekong river.
SO I''m lying on a lounger by a kidneyshaped pool when a rain of leaves from the giant bamboo overhead disturbs my peace.
women; Bamboula: a kind of drum made from a section of giant bamboo with
A BUSINESS specialising in replica plants has landed its biggest ever order to build giant bamboo trees for a new pounds 300m hotel in London.
No, it's a giant bamboo manta ray on an island in the Gulf of Thailand.
Taipei boasts the tallest building in the world - Taipei 101, a 1,679ft-high skyscraper likened to a giant bamboo shoot of glass and steel
Finally, a generation of abandoned, cast-off veterans "came home" from the Highlands and the Delta, like grim gray ghosts filing silently out of the giant bamboo.