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Synonyms for ghoul

a perversely bad, cruel, or wicked person

Synonyms for ghoul

someone who takes bodies from graves and sells them for anatomical dissection

an evil spirit or ghost

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The next stop was what the announcers ghoulishly call 'the final destination'.
Even the Daily Post itself received a letter, ghoulishly and falsely using a local undertaker's address, which questioned my qualifications and academic credentials.
The drawing was flanked on the left by Gilbert's Andrew the Zulu Queen, 2008, four sculptures of ghoulishly deployed British colonial soldiers; these life-size rag dolls escort an African chieftain enthroned on a stretcher--actually another British soldier, who has pronounced himself chieftain.
Through faded photos and ghoulishly methodical paperwork kept by the Nazis the tears came soon enough as Jerry choke don the knowledge that his maternal and paternal grandmothers were reduced to living in poverty in Jewish ghettos before being marched to their gruesome fate.
If you produce alcoholic beverages, however, puns, drug slang, and ghoulishly percussive monkeys may land you in trouble.
For the US military it was the 2003 "Shock and Awe" invasion, but the Iraqi painter ambiguously calls the 25 tall, narrow panels of the time, showing frightened faces in tenement windows and the statue of Saddam Hussein ghoulishly crumpling, the 'Night of Fire'.
by way of David Lynch's "Eraserhead," a surreal, ghoulishly funny plunge into family abuse and dysfunction.
In Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, for example, "the crawling sextuplet figures in the winds and the ghoulishly bouncing string figures in the Introduction come from Debussy's Nocturnes.
It might be a peculiar family - perhaps the Addamses - who enjoys ``Tim Burton's Corpse Bride'' together, but the director's latest stop-motion animation effort is loaded with ghoulishly delightful pleasures.
Many of the city's gathering spots and theme parks offer ghoulishly spooky, yet delightful, celebrations.
Has the author succeeded in his attempt to depict the corpse as political symbol or has the reader simply been sandbagged and ghoulishly entertained?
The following are some of the ghoulishly great creations EP readers have shared.
At that moment I realized that we, in the news business, would be blitzed with the ghoulishly recurring shot of Monica in her beret, receiving the President's arm on her shoulder in public with all the savory deception that image evokes.
At times I found myself wading through years of diaries almost ghoulishly hoping that some relative or friend of the writer would die so that I could examine his or her reactions.
Jay Leno joked about it on the Tonight Show and a number of Worcester children ghoulishly dressed up as Garboury for Halloween.