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  • verb

Synonyms for ghostwrite

to write for and credit authorship to another


Synonyms for ghostwrite

write for someone else

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the chap who ghostwrote Edward Heath's memoirs was heard to say that Heath's driving ambition as Father of the House was ``Just to outlive that bloody woman.
The Johnson court indicated its displeasure with the fact that an attorney ghostwrote the defendant's motions for an extension of time while he sought counsel to represent him.
The day before Falwell hosted openly gay reverend Mel White at Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church in October, FRC released a statement taking Falwell to task for appearing to embrace White, who ghostwrote Falwell's autobiography in the 1980s.
Working from interviews with Mae Franking and from material in Franking's original manuscript, Porter ghostwrote this autobiography.
HE ghostwrote letters for Governor Ammons to send to President Wilson, and articles for Lamont Montgomery Bowers to send to sympathetic magazines.