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Synonyms for ghostwrite

to write for and credit authorship to another


Synonyms for ghostwrite

write for someone else

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Waldman was in possession of information and documents that unmistakably prove the 1997 study was neither ghostwritten nor the product of scientific fraud.
2 Notes ghostwritten papers Requires independent Colo.
Solway's detailed account of his great leap to freedom differs notably from that in Nureyev's ghostwritten "autobiography," falsified by his blithe indifference to facts and a wish to protect the Paris friends who assisted him.
But the true cost of those burdens (the word onerous usually pops up right about here in speeches to the C-Span crowd and in op-ed pieces ghostwritten by Wall Street) is highly debatable, at best.
She has ghostwritten and edited numerous books, some of which have won awards.
With ghostwriting services on the rise - current estimates suggest that as many as 50 percent of all New York Times bestsellers are now ghostwritten - the Association of Ghostwriters aims to raise the profile of successful ghostwriters, assist writers interested in entering this niche, and connect individuals interested in writing a book with professionals who can assist them.
It shows no signs of having been ghostwritten, which in this case is not a compliment; Chouinard is obviously not familiar with Mr.
1997) (finding that ghostwritten pleadings are a deliberate evasion by the attorney of Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure); Laremont-Lopez v.
Mr Allason, the former MP for Torbay, had claimed during the week-long trial that he had ghostwritten The Enigma Spy afterreaching a deal with Mr Cairncross in 1994.
The Keckley chapter takes a risk in accepting Keckley's authorship, for Behind the Scenes may have been ghostwritten by a white man.
Actual authorship is cloudy, as with most ghostwritten political documents.
Authorized" biographies, in my view, are dismissible by their very nature, being effectively ghostwritten autobiographies.
The column, ghostwritten every week by National Post columnist Roy MacGregor in collaboration with Gretzky, runs in the Toronto-based paper and is distributed in the United States by United Features Syndicate.
The hedge as to authorship is occasioned by the fact that a fair amount of the material here, while credited to Hitchcock, was probably ghostwritten and approved by him later.
org/cgi/content/full/299/15/1800) is only one example of how ghostwritten academic articles can impact patient safety, according to a Policy Brief released today by The Prescription Project.