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Synonyms for ghostwrite

to write for and credit authorship to another


Synonyms for ghostwrite

write for someone else

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58) In Johnson, the court discussed an attorney's ghostwritten assistance as an "unseen hand" guiding the course of litigation to the detriment of the opposing party.
The ghostwritten articles gave little weight to epidemiological data that linked HRT to breast cancer and questioned the effectiveness of competing generic hormone treatments.
The analysis revealed that Wyeth used ghostwritten reviews and commentaries published in medical journals to promote unproven benefits and downplay harms of Prempro -- a brand of menopausal hormone therapy ( HT) -- and to cast competing therapies in a negative light.
FINRA is once again warning advisors with securities licenses that using ghostwritten communication materials may violate NASD Rule 2210.
It tells the tale of a hunted British Prime Minister, in lavish exile in America, struggling to finish his $10million memoirs, ghostwritten of course.
The rise of ghostwritten books also parallels the rise of ghostwritten speeches.
It maintains, according to a paraphrase from Duff Wilson of the New York Times, that "students who plagiarize a paper may know nothing about the subject" while "faculty members who sign their names to ghostwritten papers for research credit usually have some agreement with the paper.
The documents also reveal that much of the pro-HT medical literature was ghostwritten by industry hacks and merely signed by academic physicians.
The 2008 William Hill Irish Sports Book of the Year has been awarded to Crashed and Byrned, the autobiography of the Irish Formula One driver Tommy Byrne, which was ghostwritten by Mark Hughes.
His ghostwritten autobiography: Prezza, My Story: Pulling No Punches, was published earlier this year.
THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY Regulatory Authority, Washington, says sales representatives for member firms should take care when using ghostwritten books and articles to market their services.
in literature), emotional insight (she has ghostwritten a textbook on abnormal psychology), empathic interviewing, and several decades of intensive dancegoing.
But even if it was ghostwritten, Churchill was apparently happy to put his name to this article in 1937," said Dr Toye.
Somewhere between 11 percent and 50 percent of articles on pharmaceuticals that appear in the major medical journals are thought to be ghostwritten.