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Synonyms for ghostwriter

a writer who gives the credit of authorship to someone else


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People from all walks of life need a ghostwriter: doctors, business executives, health professionals, disaster survivors and even attorneys are looking for ghostwriters these days.
She didn't write the book herself, she had a ghostwriter pen it for her.
Or they've written something but have no clue how to market and sell it," says Glass, an award-winning ghostwriter of over 100 books and ebooks.
The Scottish actor, who plays a ghostwriter to a fictional British PM wanted for war crimes in the new Roman Polanski film Ghost, said the anger over the 2003 invasion of Iraq would not dissipate until the real reasons for the war had been explained.
Ruth is a successful ghostwriter of self-help books, but she feels constrained by the relationship with the man she's lived with for years and by her relationship with her mother, LuLing, who has had bouts of suicidal depression and now seems to be facing Altzheimer's.
The author is the ghostwriter of several other books, all of which are available through http://www.
Jerry Falwell accepted a dinner invitation from the openly gay reverend Mel White and 200 gay men and lesbians, White was jubilant As the ghostwriter for Falwell's 1986 autobiography, Strength for Journey, White, who came out several years later, believes he is wen-positioned to encourage his former collaborator to tone down his antigay rhetoric.
George Stephanopoulos, who had hired ghostwriter William Novak to help him write a memoir about his years as White House assistant to Bill Clinton, has decided his story is so personal he needs to do the job by himself.
A celebrity bio has to be judged on whether it's entertaining and whether, despite the ghostwriter, a real person comes through in its pages," said Charles Taylor on Salon.
and their Certified Ghostwriter associates provide ghostwriting and editing services, writer mentoring/consultation, and ghostwriting, fiction, and nonfiction classes.
Would that filmmaker Gus Van Sant had hired a ghostwriter to pen his famous-name fiction for him.
talked about raising her daughter, and her work as a free-lance editor and ghostwriter.
According to Cunningham, he was not under contract as a ghostwriter, received no album credit for his songs and was never paid.
Charlize Theron plays 37-year-old Mavis Gary, a boozy ghostwriter of teen fiction who, recently divorced, returns to her hometown of Mercury with the express intention of snaring her high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson).