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  • verb

Synonyms for ghostwrite

to write for and credit authorship to another


Synonyms for ghostwrite

write for someone else

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Esso Florence; his month in Mexico trying to ghostwrite a book for a movie mogul's wife.
Be prepared to ghostwrite the article: Rather than rely on the writing skills of the customer, Fireman's agency usually produces a draft based on an interview.
Whitehouse Station NJ) conducted its own studies on the pain pill Vioxx, then hired companies to ghostwrite reports for medical journals that appeared under the names of scientists who didn't do the majority of the research, court records show.
Brown said he had never agreed to ghostwrite the book and denied the plagiarism allegations.
You've never actually met him, but you recognize him from the constipated mug-shot photo that runs above his column in the employee publication every month--the column that you ghostwrite.
In sum, Professor McNeal proposes that the attorney in a pro se case base a decision to ghostwrite on factors not applicable or determinative in the case of a client seeking full service representation.
As a top communication person in your organization, you probably ghostwrite or edit articles for coworkers and senior officers.