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  • verb

Synonyms for ghostwrite

to write for and credit authorship to another


Synonyms for ghostwrite

write for someone else

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For example, Donziger and his Ecuadorian allies used what they termed a "secret" account at an Ecuadorian bank "surreptitiously to pay [the Special Master]" and later to make payments to another conspirator as part of a scheme to ghostwrite the judgment itself.
Beyond the specific concern with Rule 11, many of the federal courts have expressed concern that when an attorney ghostwrites a pro se litigant's filings the attorney allows the litigant to take unfair advantage of the court's leniency toward pro se litigants or otherwise causes undue confusion or inefficiency.
DesignWrite was paid thousands of dollars to ghostwrite articles reporting clinical trials, including four manuscripts on a large trial involving lowdose Prempro.
Johnson (world literature, Wagner College) considers, in Caribbean literature, the genre in which authors ghostwrite stories for lost historical figures.
For the publication of scientific review papers, documents were found describing Merck marketing employees developing plans for manuscripts, contracting with medical publishing companies to ghostwrite manuscripts, and recruiting external, academically affiliated investigators to be authors.
After 21st-century Cambridge historian Elizabeth Vogelsang drowns in a manner that does not suggest suicide, her son Cameron asks his mother's former protegee Lydia (who is also his former lover) to ghostwrite the end of Vogelsang's unfinished biography of Newton.